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About Bleeves

I started in Cryptocurrency in early 2021. My first move was to buy Ethereum in order to then buy a degen play called Keanu Inu. My entry into the token turned my $200 investment into $5,000 in 3 days as Keanu made a big launch run. 

As with most of these stories however, I did NOT take profit. 

Within days my investment was down to $1,000 and while still way up it was not $5,000 anymore. I told a developer who I had befriended and he said, and I’m quoting, “well don’t sell because if you do you’ll lose your position and may not be able to get it back.”

I had been indoctrinated into the Cult of HODL and it made no sense. But I was a neophyte learning on the job. I continued to just HODL and share tweets on my Twitter page. 

There was nobody covering Keanu on YouTube, however, so I made the jump into that forum and started doing daily videos. 

Keanu started to lose support and I branched out to other projects to cover. In the meantime Keanu failed and didn’t go forward because they got into a bad deal with an unknown commodity and we all moved on. 

Fast forward to today and we are now covering all of YOUR favorite cryptos in the space. I believe that I can assist and aid you in being able to READ your own charts, and REACT to what you are seeing so that YOU are able to choose the best projects and best entry points for your own portfolio. 

Thank you for giving me the time of day it means so much.