how to buy

How To Buy

Step 1

Create Wallet

You can download metamask here or search on google how to install other wallets such as trustwallet

Step 2

Add Funds

To buy Decanect you will require Ethereum

To buy Ethereum within your wallet via credit/debit card click here

To fund your wallet by transferring Ethereum from another wallet click here

Step 3

Connect to Uniswap

Connect your wallet using the swap below or you may go to uniswap site

Step 4

Prepare to Swap

On the top select token “Ethereum” and on the bottom paste in this contract address for Decanect Coin:


Step 5

Set Slippage

Click the settings icon in the top right of the swap screen, set slippage to 10%. If the transaction doesn’t go through increase slippage by 2% until it does. Slippage represents price volatility, does not necessarily mean you will be charged that %.

Step 6


Execute swap. Press swap, confirm the transaction within your wallet. That is it.